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"I have been in this wonderful community for 3 days and have not yet finished all the awesome training, and already I have made my first sale!! I can hardly contain myself, that is 100% profit !! I watched from the outside, intrigued by Michell's energy, vast knowledge, the Learn and Earn Profits Online program, and business model. Making the decision to be a part of this Amazing Supportive Community is just the best thing! As an Affiliate Marketer I know this online space is full of massive potential. Now, with this great step-by-step, very detailed training, I am confident that everyone here can explode their business with Master Resell Rights. The training program, in my opinion, is worth thousands. I feel so good that I can offer people who really want to start an online business an affordable, quality way to be able to better their lives at a very reasonable price. Can't forget to mention that we get to keep 100% of the profits !! 100%!!! Now that is AMAZING!!!"

Terry - Retire With Memaw

"I have been WORKING at affiliate marketing now for 9 months ... struggling is more like it. I have learned A LOT. I had the opportunity to see this course and talk to Michelle ... I had an a-ha moment. I was teaching about high ticket products but not promoting a single one, because I didn't believe in them. This course I can stand behind, it's solid and Michelle is adding more value to it every day. There are no upsales (God, I hate upsales). No fluff. No BS. Solid education, support, motivation ... it is the only "graduate" level digital marketing course in existence. And 100% commission is a game changer. So Blessed to be a part of it."

Colleen N.

"Thanks to Learn and Earn Profits Online, I am once again excited about my online business and making money from my phone giving me the FREEDOM to work from anywhere. This course has a ton of value and everything that you need to succeed in your business from learning about Master Resell Rights, digital marketing, marketing on other platforms, content strategy, building your own personalized sales funnel, adding payment options, and so much more. This has been a game changer for me. I bought the course on a Monday, had my funnel set up by a Thursday and was ready to start promoting and taking it to the next level by the end of that week. Now here it is less than 2 weeks later and I have already made my money back! The community is supportive, helpful, and fun, it is similar to having a safe space to go with any issues, achievements, or just chatting and socializing with other like minded individuals. If you are ready to start generating your financial freedom and reaching those goals then you won't be disappointed with this beginner friendly course that you can purchase and resell for 100% profit and this amazing community of amazing people!"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this product?

Discover a beginner-friendly digital marketing course combined with a ready-to-launch digital product! With over 200 in-depth training videos, this course empowers beginners to establish their own successful digital marketing business.

Gain invaluable insights on branding, SEO optimization, and marketing across social media platforms.

Additionally, step-by-step guidance awaits you in setting up free funnels, email campaigns, and other vital aspects of online business.

What sets this product apart is its ownership model. Once purchased, you fully own it, giving you the freedom to include it in your catalog and reap the benefits of selling it at a 100% profit. The opportunities are limitless with this unique and valuable package!

What is the difference between Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights?

You have 2 options when purchasing LEPO MAX. You can purchase for the price of $397 and get Resell Rights OR you can purchase for $497 and get Master Resell Rights.

With Resell Rights you will get access to the digital product (the course) in English, Spanish, and French and be able to resell the product for 100% profits.

With Master Resell Rights you will get access to the digital course and in addition, you'll receive access to all the downloadable files.

*If you do not plan on starting your own community, I suggest you purchase the $397 product. If you wish to start a separate community at a later date you can pay the $100 difference and have access to the downloadable files.

How Do I Make Money?

With Resell Rights, you have the ability to generate income by selling digital products to others for a profit.

When you purchase a product with resell rights, you are granted permission to resell that product to others and keep 100% of the profits.

As long as you follow the terms of the license, you can sell the product as many times as you want and retain the full profits.

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Upsells?

NO! This is the beauty of this product, there are no hidden fees or upsells.

With your one-time purchase, you gain access to valuable digital product business training, as well as a supportive community.

You retain full control over your earnings as your customers pay you directly. I will never take or earn any money when you resell the product. Your success and profits are completely yours to keep.

How Do I Make 100% Profits?

The product license allows you to purchase the product one time and sell it over and over. You keep all profits when this product sells as the customer pays you directly.

You do not have to create the product because we already created the product for you.

Course Descriptions

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

In this course, students will be acquainted with the basics of business and digital marketing. The course will cover essential concepts such as business principles, management techniques, and strategies, and demonstrate their practical application in digital marketing or any other business field.

Module 2: Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module you will learn concepts & terms associated with digital marketing & the foundations needed for a successful online business.

Module 3: Market & Niche Selection

Discover the art of pinpointing your niche and defining your target audience. Uncover the secrets to crafting a compelling marketing message that resonates with your audience. Dive into the strategies on utilizing this course to enhance the promotion of your own products.

Module 4: Creating a Lead Magnet/Freebie

Gain insights into the significance of lead magnets and the various types to consider. Master the art of crafting captivating titles and hooks. Explore the intricacies of creating compelling Calls to Action, crafting effective emails, and discover strategies for promoting your lead magnet seamlessly on social media.

Module 5: Mastering Your Brand

Acquire the skills to expertly shape your brand through the establishment of a robust foundation. Develop your brand's distinctive voice, construct a comprehensive brand board, devise an engaging business name, and design a professional, attention-grabbing logo. Become a master of your brand identity.

Module 6:Creating Your Own Digital Products

Within this module, you'll discover the art of crafting your own digital products utilizing two of my preferred programs. Each step will be carefully outlined, guiding you through the process to create captivating and visually stunning products tailored for your target audience.

Module 7: Building Your Sales Process

In this module, you will be guided on establishing your sales process with the choice of G Funnels,, or Stan Store. Access beginner-friendly, step-by-step video instructions to seamlessly set up your sales funnel, ensuring a smooth journey from inception to completion.

Module 8: Mindset & Personal Development

Dive into the realm of mindset mastery and personal development within this module. Gain profound insights into cultivating a positive mindset and recognize its pivotal significance in the business arena.

Module 9: Content Strategy Essentials

Explore the essentials of effective digital communication in this module, designed for marketers, content creators, and strategists. Learn to craft impactful content strategies, align with brand goals, and engage your audience, using real-world examples and actionable insights.

Module 10: Organic Marketing Strategies

Acquire effective strategies for established platforms including Facebook, TikTok, Etsy, and Instagram.

Module 11: Faceless Marketing Strategies

Faceless Marketing refers to promotional strategies and content where the brand or company does not rely on personal branding or individual influencers to connect with its audience. Instead, it focuses on creating a brand identity that speaks directly to the consumer without a human face representing it

Module 12: Canva Mastery 101

In this module, you'll embark on a journey to understand the fundamentals of Canva, unlocking your creative potential with ease and efficiency. We'll guide you through the intuitive interface of Canva, showing you how to navigate and utilize its vast array of features.

Module 13: Affiliate Marketing Basics

Discover the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, initiation steps, the process of applying for affiliate products, insights into funnels, and crafting engaging content for affiliate products.

Module 14: Amazon Influencer Program

Learn how to earn an additional stream of income with the Amazon Influencers program taught by Branded Earnings!

Module 15: Business Tools

A list of interactive tools to use & help you grow your business.

Upon completing your purchase, you will gain access to your digital product & the LEPO Community